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“At Clover3 we searched far and wide for a solution-based architect to build a bespoke CRM and e commerce system to launch our start up business. Working off a 200 page brief we decided to utilize Neolynx to build our platform. Being based in Sydney, Australia it was imperative we sourced a highly communicative and dedicated team who we could rely on 24 hours a day. In Neolynx and Armen we found such a partner. Neolynx have been amazing in the support and guidance of our project and we are highly satisfied with all they have done for us. From designing solutions to meet our needs, to updating designs to make things more efficient, we have been afforded a wonderful service that has helped our business expand in a few short years. I have recommended Neolynx to many of my friends and network. You guys are amazing, and I will be forever grateful for the platform you built for Clover3 to enter the B2B market.”

– Rory Toemoe

Managing Director, Clover3

“I was lucky to find Neolynx through a referral, and so glad I did. I enjoyed being able to work closely with them and share my vision as they brought it to life by designing my website. I have worked with many companies and individuals to bring my vision to market. None have been as vital to my success as Neolynx has been. The advice I have received from them in regard to the design and marketing of my website has been very helpful. I look forward to continuing to work with Neolynx as my brand grows. Getting the results and professionalism you deserve is worth its weight in gold. Thank you Neolynx.”

– Patricia Vega

Designer, Vvigoure


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