Growing Your Business with Animated Explainer Videos

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Animated Explainer Videos are short videos that use animation to explain what you do and what products or services you sell. You see these videos all over your social media feeds that explain about a business or a product. With animated explainer videos you can create a competitive advantage and tell your audience about how your product or service is superior compared to the competition, you can explain about the latest case study in your industry, create intrigue about a new product launch or create a promotional video about the new offers you have available.

Creating a good explainer video that delivers a carefully crafted message to the right audience requires skills and experience. If you want to get the right message across, to the right audience, you have to carefully craft the message in the video to get the result you are looking for. The best thing about an animated video presentation is that it can be created with less resources compared to a regular video presentation where you have to hire a film crew and actors to produce the video.

By creating an animated video you are contributing to the development of your brand and grabbing the attention of your target audience. These videos have been trending and people like them. Such videos have proven to increase conversions rates. Also they are fun to watch and some people find them entertaining.

Another unique benefit of an animated explainer video is that you can captivate your audience by telling them your story. If your explainer video is well crafted and the message is worthwhile it will create a response from your audience which is what you are looking for in the first place, to strike up a conversation with your potential customer. After striking up a conversation you can find out about their pain points, why they like or dislike your product or service. In short this will give you insights on what your customers and potential customers think about your product or service, then you can plan accordingly to succeed in your endeavor.

Here at Neolynx, we can professionally develop and edit promotional videos for your business. It is very important to have good quality videos to promote your business on different social media channels. We can make and edit your video with high quality equipment.

Animated Explainer Videos are a great way to tell your audience about your business or to present a product. The benefit to you is that you spend less time and resources to produce better results than you would in any other form of video advertising. The video below is a sample of our work for a client, check it out and if you are interested contact us so we can discuss your ideas and tailor your message to your audience.


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