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Benefits Of Growth Driven Design Over Traditional Web Design

Feb 18, 2016Web Design

In previous posts, we have touched on various ways of how Growth Driven Design trumps the Traditional Website Design approach. In today’s blog post, we will discuss another benefit of Growth Driven Design in detail. Specifically, we will look at how Growth Driven Design websites outperform websites created through traditional methods when it comes to the final product’s responsibilities.

What Are A Website’s Responsibilities?

Our websites are modern day business cards. They are our brand’s ambassadors to the market. They help bridge our company to our customers. In order to perform these duties effectively and efficiently, our websites must remain up-to-date. With technology growing exponentially, it is important to embrace methods that incorporate the necessary adaptions in order to remain ahead of the curve. This idea lays a crucial foundation in the business world by avoiding outdated websites while providing fresh connections to potential customers. Here, we will discuss two major reasons why Traditional Website Design is a risk that should be avoided.

1) Based On Predictions

The Traditional Website Design needs to produce a completed product before it can be launched and serve a purpose. We are being asked to plan and produce a product today with the intentions of serving a purpose months down the road.

The downside to this is the fact that we are forced to make decisions based off of predictions of what our customers will be looking for four months down the line. By the time our website is launched through Traditional Website Design, our ideas are stemming from the past.

2) Set In Stone

The Traditional Website Design does not allow our websites to be adaptive. This drastically limits our growth potential by producing products that do not evolve. A Traditional Website does not grow and evolve. It’s purpose is set in stone from the moment the idea is conceived. Couple this notion with the above mentioned “based of predictions” limiting factor and you have a website that is launched with outdated information as its driving force that cannot be adjusted without expensive and time-consuming website reincarnation.


We are no longer have to take the two above mentioned risks. By ditching the Traditional Website Design method in favor of Growth Driven Design, we are able to avoid certain risks that would stunt our company’s growth. Growth Driven Design allows us to produce a product that is constantly growing and adapting. This allows us to have a website that is not based on predictions of our future needs. By allowing us to produce a product capable of growth, we can make micro adjustments along the way, as opposed to dealing with website reincarnation. This also means that the image we present to our customers and potential customers will be adaptive, remaining fresh and effective.

Find out how these valuable benefits can be incorporated in to your company’s websites, as well as other risks that Growth Driven Design can help you avoid. Setup a free consultation with us today!

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