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Mobile App Development for Business

Feb 14, 2017App Development, Business, Marketing, Web Design

Let me start off saying that by Mobile App Development, I’m referring to iPhone app development, iPad app development, mobile app development for Android smart phones and app development for Apple Watches. An app can be developed for internal use to streamline business processes, or it can be designed geared toward customers. A business can use mobile apps to gather data and develop more efficient processes to help employees and customers achieve their goals. An app can also facilitate daily business operations. Employees and customers can have access to them on handheld devices, which creates ease of use, efficiency and convenience.

Many features can be added to apps. For instance, an app developed for a business operation where the employees visit the customers at their location would assist the employee in managing the customer’s demands on location. All the information the employee needs to conduct business are on the app, a finger tap away. The employee can enter the customer information on the handheld device and have the customer digitally signs the application form. After the application has been submitted, the system automatically creates an invoice and bills the customer. Another helpful feature, would be to incorporate GPS location services in the app so that the employer knows the location of their employee in order to coordinate and assist them in finding the best routes for their customer visits. Tasks can also be setup on the app for the employee, reminding them to visit the other customer close by after they are done with their current customer visit. The employee then accepts and completes the task, which will send a notification to the business manager that the employee is on their way to visit the other customer.

Developing such an app can create an automated system for record keeping, as well as facilitate daily operations and create overall efficiency for a business. More businesses are going mobile as technology advances, becomes cheaper and more readily available. The market for mobile services has been growing since mobile phones started evolving into handheld computers. Over 60% of searches today are done on mobile devices, therefore it is a good idea to develop an app to cater to that 60% of the market that is probably searching for your business on their mobile device right now.

Mobile apps can be developed for your internal business use. They can streamline and simplify business processes, so employees can accomplish their tasks with ease and become more productive. A mobile app can also be designed for the customers, so they can have your services and products a finger tap away from them. It is all about accessibility, ease of use and convenience for the customers. With the right mobile app employees would be able to operate more efficiently and you would be always one step closer to the customers.

Here at Neolynx we specialize in Mobile App Development to assist businesses reach and engage their target markets, streamline their business processes and stay top of mind when it matters. We have the capabilities to develop both android (Google Apps) and iOS apps (Apple apps) for your business. We develop systems that can take all or a part of a business process mobile. We help businesses build web based processes and mobile apps to facilitate their business needs. Our goal is to bring efficiency to your business. If you have business processes that need to be automated, or if you need Mobile App Development, contact us today and we will help you build an app for your business to automate your processes.

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