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Social Media Marketing for Business

Aug 13, 2018Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Startup

Social Media Marketing has revolutionized the way businesses advertise and market to their audience. Using social media wisely you can learn more about your customers and develop a plan to market and deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Develop a Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy is crucial to your success in any social media marketing campaign. It is the roadmap to creating success in online marketing.

Determine Your Target Audience

Determining your target audience is one of the most important parts of your content strategy. Finding your target audience will save you time and energy resulting in more efficient campaigns. Engaging with the right audience is very important because they would be most interested in what you have to say and they would be most likely to respond to your inquiries. If you are engaging on social media with an uninterested audience then you are wasting your time and your advertising budget.

Create Your Brand’s Voice

If your company is already an established company you probably already have a Brand Voice. If that serves you well you can continue with it. If your feel like you are falling behind in your market then it might be a good idea to think about re-branding. If you are a startup company you will definitely need to think about what your brand’s voice is going to be. Think about what you will be representing because this will be used in all area of your marketing online and off.

Determine Distribution Channels

Every social media platform has a user demographic that defers from others. Depending on your target audience and the size of your budget you might want to determine what social media channels you should use to create the most effective communication channels with your audience. It would help you tremendously if you find out what method of communication your target audience prefers, uses and spends the most time on. If they prefer to watch videos over reading blogs, then you might want to consider a YouTube Channel as opposed to other types of marketing. If you are marketing to a younger demographic, you might have better success on Snapchat as opposed to other social media platforms. Your best bet would be to start on a few platforms and track your progress through analytics and see which platforms perform the best for you and go with more of what works and eliminate unsuccessful parts of your social marketing strategy.

Communicate and Engage

Social media creates a two way communication channel with your audience as opposed to other distribution channels in which the method of communication is one dimensional. It is very important to actively engage in a conversation with your audience online. It is a good practice to have a designated person who will periodically monitor your social media accounts and reply to any comments, questions or concerns customers might have.

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