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Strategic Business Architecture

Apr 26, 2019Business, Entrepreneurship, Startup

Business Architecture paves the path to actionable results.

What is Business Architecture?

Business architecture enables everyone – from strategic planning teams all the way through implementation teams – to get “on the same page”, enabling them to address challenges and meet business objectives. Business architecture forms the foundational backdrop for a cross section of other disciplines typically engaged across the strategic planning through execution spectrum, enabling those disciplines to view a business through the common lens across vertical and horizontal business silos. In short, this essential backdrop dramatically curtails misdirection and misinformation that leads to challenged investments, poorly deployed strategies, and failed projects.

While the end goal may shift based on business priorities, business architecture’s foundation remains a key enabler in the long term for future initiatives that businesses have yet to articulate or even envision.

Over the past 20 years, one issue seems to continuously pop up when speaking to prospective clients… the difficulty of communicating and aligning business requirements with IT capabilities. This misalignment can be very costly and demoralizing to all stakeholders.

Through strategic business architecture, your organization will finally experience alignment in IT and business. This makes for a happy business…

    • Aligned organization
    • Strategy-driven execution
    • Stable view leading to informed strategy
    • Transparency into overlaps and synergies
    • Improved speed-to-market through conscious reuse
    • Hyper-personalization through greater modularity

Strategic business architecture also makes IT happy…

    • Reduces IT complexity
    • Reuse saves IT time and money
    • Clarity and bliss through IT and business alignment

Oh, and as an added bonus, you’ll have a much happier workforce!

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