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Value Proposition Design – How To Create Products And Services Customers Want

Jul 7, 2016Business, Startup

Are you overwhelmed by the task of true value creation? Have you even thought about value creation? Most startups jump right in and start building their product or service without giving much thought to value creation. But if you do this, how do you know that you’re pursuing the correct tasks? Time is limited. This is specially true for startups, where there never seems to be enough time to accomplish a seemingly endless list of tasks. Not knowing if you’re pursuing the wrong tasks can make you feel insecure about the next step. Without the right tools, it’s difficult to learn what customers really want. The information and data you get from your potential customers is overwhelming. Plus, how do you organize this data to make sense of it all?

Do not despair. There is hope.

Value Proposition Design will help you successfully…

Understand the patterns of value creation

Organize information about what customers want in a simple way that makes the pattern of value creation easily visible. As a result, you will more effectively design value propositions and profitable business models that directly target your customers’ most pressing and important jobs, pains, and gains.
In short: Gain clarity.

Leverage the experience and skills of your team

Equip your team with a shared language to overcome “blah blah blah”, conduct more strategic conversations, run creative exercises, and get aligned. This will lead to more enjoyable meetings that are full of energy and produce actionable outcomes beyond a focus on technology, products, and features toward creating value for your customers and your business.
In short: Get your team aligned.

Avoid wasting time with ideas that won’t work

Relentlessly test the most important hypotheses underlying your business ideas in order to reduce the risk of failure. This will allow you to pursue bog bold ideas without having to break the bank. Your processes to shape new ideas will be fit for the task and complement your existing processes that help you run your business.
In Short: Minimize the risk of a flop.

To get started on building your Value Proposition Design, contact us. We’ll help you gain control of your time and get shit done.

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