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Choosing the Right Node.js Framework: Options and Comparisons

Oct 30, 2023Web Design

NodeJS is one of the leading frameworks when it comes to the development of scalable, secure, real-time, and high-performing web applications. Since its release in 2012, every version of NodeJS has received significant praise from developers around the world.

It is based on JavaScript, and it enables developers to write the same language in frontend and backend. Due to this reason, it is adopted widely, and the community is quite helpful. The NodeJS community comes up with new modules, libraries, and frameworks regularly to help the development of newer and advanced applications.

With so many options to choose from, it is easy to get confused, but when you are with experts like us, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will have a look at the top four NodeJS frameworks and the good and not-so-good things about them.

Best Frameworks in NodeJS

ExpressJS is the most popular NodeJS framework, with more than 72 million downloads every month. It is a robust framework that provides great support in routing and middleware. Based on the popular MVC approach, it offers a great way to break down and separate complex applications into various small and manageable parts.

This framework is quite easy to learn, and any developer with a good understanding of the NodeJS framework can quickly get started on this. Being a popular framework, there is ample support for this framework, and if you ever get stuck anywhere, getting help from the community is quite easy. Moreover, with significant third-party library support and an easy setup process, this framework can help you build NodeJS apps at speed.

If you have previously used ExpressJS and you loved that framework, you’ll love this one, too. KoaJS was also developed by the same team of developers who developed ExpressJS. It is a small and flexible framework that helps you build great projects. With a robust error-handling system, this framework can help you develop applications that will not come to a screeching halt.

KoaJS uses asynchronous functions, and this solves the issue of callback hell, which is usually faced when working with ExpressJS projects. This framework also provides an option to add various plugins and modules to increase the features in your applications.

MeteorJS is a framework that can be used to develop web, mobile, and desktop applications with ease. It also follows the popular MVC framework and offers strong templating support for creating great frontends.

If you aim to reuse code across platforms, MeteorJS can be a great choice. The framework allows code reusability and a component-based approach. MeteorJS is an upcoming framework with 43k stars on the GitHub repository.

When you need to develop and ship applications in a short time and for various platforms, you should rely on MeteorJS, and it will never disappoint you.

NestJS is a relatively newer framework in the NodeJS ecosystem, but that doesn’t make it any less significant. Nest has an active community developing it, and there are great features that make it the right choice to write scalable and efficient apps.

If you have ever worked with Angular before, you’ll find quite a lot of similarities, and you’ll love this framework. NestJS uses modern JavaScript concepts, which make it more developer-friendly and stable to use in large codebases. When you are following the microservices architecture in your app development process, you should definitely use NestJS.

Coming to the end, all these frameworks have different use cases and different features. But one thing that is common among all these Best NodeJS frameworks is that you’ll get lots of features built-in, and developing futuristic applications will become easy. Before you choose any framework, understand all it has to offer and only then take a call to implement.

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