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The Process




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The How.

The Core Neolynx Process

Since 1999, we have been building and refining our core process. While we approach every project with an open-mind, we have outlined our core process below to give you a better sense of our general approach to the projects we undertake.

    1. Define the Project
        • Discover – Gather information. Understand project needs. Analyze industry.
        • Plan – Create a project plan. Set the budget. Create schedule. Assign team. Setup stage. Plan for testing.
        • Clarify – Set high-level goals. Prepare communication brief. Kick off the project.
    2. Develop the Structure
        • Identify Audience – Create buyer personas. Define buyer’s journey.
        • Content Plan – Audit existing content. Outline new content. Create delivery plan.
        • Interface Plan – Address navigation. Naming & labeling. Define user tasks. Create user view.
    3. Design Interface
        • Create – Review goals. Develop concepts. Design for user. Present the designs.
        • Confirm – Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Test functionality.
        • Hand-Off – Create graphic assets. Create design style guide.
    4. Build & Integrate
        • Prepare – Asses project status. Establish guidelines. Set file structure.
        • Build – Optimize project. Create templates. Implement light testing. Populate initial content. Integrate back-end.
        • Test – Create a quality assurance plan & fix bugs. Conduct final survey.
    5. Launch & Beyond
        • Deliver – Production style guide. Create hand-off packet. Conduct postmortem.
        • Launch – Prepare announcement plan. Review marketing approach. Launch project.
        • Maintain – Audit capabilities. Develop maintenance plan. Measure success.

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